Does your child have trouble forming the numerals when they are writing?

Are you concerned that your child does not have the confidence to write numerals?

Our number writing resources can assist your child to develop their number writing skills.

You can download our numeral writing cards or you can order them to be sent to you as a fully laminated and prepared set of cards ready for use the day you receive them.  Our numeral writing cards offer the flexibility of guiding your child/students’ writing by introducing the numerals with most to least assistance.  The bold set of numeral cards introduces the numerals to the child, they can then use these in activities or practice writing directly onto the numeral.  The outlined numeral cards  give assistance to the child.  This resource even  includes numbers to direct the child in the order that the numerals are to be formed.  The dotted numeral cards provide assistance to follow the dots and form the numerals.

Bold Numeral Cards – download here
Outlined Numeral Cards – download here
Dotted Numeral Cards – download here

Activity Suggestions for the Numeral Writing Cards include:


1.  Trace over the cards using whiteboard markers

If you have purchased the completed set of numeral cards they come fully laminated which allows the student to use whiteboard markers to write on the numerals and can be wiped off easily.  This activity can be used time and time again with little assistance from the teacher/parent.  Children love to use whiteboard markers as they gain confidence in their writing.  Knowing they can wipe off their attempt if they are not happy is a great confidence builder FullSizeRender 2

2.  Tracing numerals using different medium

This activity is such FUN for the learning writer (and even for the more experienced!!)  You can cover the laminated numeral cards in different types of medium. You might like to try:

  • shaving cream/foam
  • sugar
  • milo
  • rice
  • coffee

This is of course not limited to only these ideas – see how creative you can be with it


Coloured shaving foam writing – ED Specially 4U


                                  Rice Fine Motor Writing – ED Specially 4u

Coffee Fine Motor Numeral Writing – ED Specially 4U

3.  Forming Numerals using different medium

A significant activity that our students enjoy while strengthening their finger muscles is to manipulate different medium to form numerals.  We use cold cooked spaghetti, playdough and tongs with pom poms to create the numerals tracing the number cards.  This activity is so fun that the children enjoy completing all 20 numerals.


Playdough numerals – ED Specially 4U


Playdough numbers with object representation

4.  Numerals as an art activity

To complete this activity it is best to download the numerals on the above links.  You might like to enlarge the numerals.  Don’t laminate the numerals for this activity.  Using paint or glue and other types of medium you can decorate the numerals to assist your child/student to learn their numerals.  When you have finished don’t forget to place the numerals on display in their correct sequence. IMG_7633IMG_7636

Glue and Glitter to trace the numeral 1


Glue and Ripped Paper Collage for Numeral 2


5.  Cutting  Numerals

To allow children to understand the formation of the numerals, cutting around the outside of the numerals is a great way to see the numeral as a shape.  Every opportunity to use scissor skills is a brilliant idea for children’s little fingers.  Scissor skills strengthen the muscles in the hand and assist the child’s writing skills. Cutting Skills When you are monitoring your child’s cutting skills make sure that they keep their thumb at the top when they are cutting. Once the numerals have been cut out, you might like to try other activities such as:

  • tracing around the outside of the cut out numeral
  • use the numeral as a template for craft activities
  • Paint over the numeral and remove the numeral from the painted page – leaving the silhouette of the numeral

Enjoy this resource and it’s many uses.  Please post photos and activities you have tried with this resource in the comments.

For the Love of Learning