Snip! Snip! Scissor Skills

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Teaching your child to use scissors is an exciting next step in your child’s development

Children learn to use scissors in small steps. They need to move through small step progression to gain confidence to move to the next skill of cutting. Scissor skills require fine motor strength, finger manipulation and awareness. Initial fine motor skills need to be developed before scissor skills commence.

Learning Days of the Week

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Within preschool and early learning classes children are first introduced to the Days of the Week. Understanding what day of the week they are currently enjoying, assists children to have a sense of identity. Children and adults are better organised when they are able to know which day of the week it is and if they then know which activities take place on each day.  

Phonological Awareness 3: Phonemes

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Phonemic awareness is important because there is a high correlation between a student’s level of phonemic awareness and success in beginning reading. (Ehri & Nunes, 2002)

This is our third blog in the series of blogs about phonological awareness.  The first 2 topics covered rhyme/rhythm and syllabification. Continuing to walk up the rungs of our ‘ladder of success’ this post details segmenting words in onset-rime and single sounds
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Climbing the phonological ladder of success

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