ENROLMENTS ACCEPTED ALL YEAR our 3 Steps to Success Make Learning EASY

EDSpecially4U offers a simple 3 step model to success.

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  2. Download the FREE purpose designed products and resources to support the learning program
  3. Download additional resources as required which will enhance your child’s learning environment and skill level

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ED Specially 4U has a team of teaching professionals who offer quality instruction in the area of School Readiness.

We offer School readiness programs:

  • with an emphasis on individual learning abilities, and preparation for  ‘big’ school.

Our quality programs make the introduction to school work, a fun and enjoyable experience for the preschool child.

In our school readiness program, we believe in developing children’s skills in fun, colourful, and  interesting environments therefore we use ED Specially 4U  resources that stimulate your child’s individual learning style.

“…access to good early childhood programs with appropriate curricula and pedagogy can provide children with social and cognitive experiences that promote independence and positive attitudes to learning” (2006,  Australian council for Educational research)

Children Learn with Confidence at ED Specially 4U school readiness programs.  It assists children to transition to the ‘big’ school environment.

What children know and can do at the time they start school (‘school readiness’) helps determine their educational, and lifelong, success.”  (2007,  Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth).

Children who feel confident with literacy and numeracy are at an advantage from the moment they step into the classroom.  Our school readiness program will facilitate their personal literacy and numeracy development, and develop confidence through knowledge.

We believe our School readiness program benefits your preschooler as it:

  • makes learning fun
  • introduces a structured learning environment
  • provides an environment where students listen and follow instructions
  • introduces your child to a phonics program
    (the sounds and patterns of the alphabet)
  • introduces number concepts
  • develops pre-writing skills
  • develops pre-reading skills
  • encourages fine motor development
  • prepares them for their first classroom while completing a FUN program in a comfortable environment

ready4school-smallIs your child Ready 4 School?

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