We are often asked questions throughout our programs at EDSpecially4U.  We encourage this interaction with families.  Please contact us via email, facebook, Instagram or twitter so that we can answer your direct questions.  Below are some of the frequently asked questions and statements that we hear at EDSpecially4U – let us answer your queries and make learning FUN and successful for your child

How will my child be taught in this program?

The program is taught by our teacher in a downloadable video.  The class is presented to the child in the same manner as the classroom environment.  Content is taught in a fun format using colourful resources, games and craft to reinforce concepts

Is this program another learning app?

NO, this program is taught to your child as it would be in the classroom.  The teacher presents the content to your child via the video and then the activities are included for download

What is included in the program subscription?

Our amazing value program includes the lesson which can be viewed 2 times during the week for reinforcement of skills, all worksheets and activities highlighted in the program are included as a FREE download, FREE craft instructions and the FREE sight word reader are all included to enhance your child’s learning program

Does my child get to participate in the class?

YES! Your child is encouraged to follow along with the teacher to complete the activities.  Worksheets and readers that correspond with the program are included FREE with each letter for download.  These can be printed and used to correspond with the class

What will my child experience in the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program?

What is the EDSpecially4U philosophy of education?

 Does my child need the ‘Ready 4 School’ School Readiness Program?

 How can I help my child prepare for school?

 Why is EDSpecially4U and the ‘Ready 4 School’ program so Successful?

 How do I access the ‘Ready 4 School’  School Readiness Program?

 My child needs help to learn ENGLISH – can the ‘Ready 4 School’ program help?

 Does the ‘Ready 4 School’ program teach phonics?

 Is my child ready for the BIG school maths curriculum

My child starts school next year – what can I do at home to help prepare them?

I would like to set up my home learning environment like the classroom displayed on the video.  How can I get the same resources?

All of our resources displayed and used are available for sale on our online shop.  Go to our online shop to view and purchase our entire resources range

 How do I pay for the EDSpecially4U programs and resources?

Payment is easy!  All payments are made through our paypal site where you can choose to use paypal via your own account or make a secure credit card payment

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