Mathematics includes many skill areas,these are broken into smaller sections by the curriculum. ACARA (the new Australia wide curriculum) divides maths into the following strands:

  • Whole Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Patterns and Algebra


These strand areas are covered in the Early Stage 1 curriculum—from the time your child enters BIG school. ED Specially 4U is current with the latest curriculum documents and teaching methodology to produce the best results for your child, and to provide opportunities to become familiar with concepts necessary for BIG school.


The Whole Numbers strand is of course, our dominant focus in the School Readiness age groups.

We introduce this by providing opportunities with hands-on, concrete learning materials to ensure deeper understanding and motivating learning opportunities.


From the moment our students start the ‘Little ED 4 School’ custom designed classes for 2-3 year olds. We  start whole number activities. Including first numeral recognition, rote counting and counting with 1:1 correspondence. As the age of our students increases so too does the difficulty of the learning tasks. Our students progress to recognition of dot and object formation in relation to numerals, sequencing, before and after concepts and beginning addition/subtraction skills; to name a few.


ED Specially 4U has a unique and custom designed numeral flashcard system in which each numeral has been given it’s own colour and this is consistent throughout all of our number resources.


We teach numeral identification in a step by step progression:

Step 1: Flashcards to teach identification of numerals.

This is achieved by matching, selecting and naming principles


Numeral Flashcards 1-20 ED Specially 4U

Numeral Flashcards – download here

Step 2: Play games to consolidate skills and ensure deeper understanding of the numeral concept has been understood.

We use both real objects and educational hands on learning resources to consolidate the skills learnt

Dinosaur Bingo

Dinosaur Bingo – ED Specially 4U

Dinosaur Bingo – Download your copy here

Fish in BowlsFish in bowls 1

Fish Bowls Game – download here

For our large range of hand on maths games view our online shop here

Step 3: Reinforce numerals with singing activities.

Our students love reinforcing numbers with songs.  Our singing resources are motivating and educational  Below we have highlighted some of our favourites, there are many more to choose from:


Five Little Speckled Frogs – ED Specially 4U

Download the 5 Little Speckled Frogs Resource Here

3 Jellyfish

3 Jellyfish Singing Resource – ED Specially 4U

Download the 3 Jelly Fish Resource Here

5 little  ducks 3

5 Little Ducks – ED Specially 4U

Download the 5 Little Ducks Resource Here

10 in the Bed

10 in the Bed singing resource – ED Specially 4U

Download Ten in the Bed Resource Here

6 little ducks

6 Little Ducks Singing Resource – ED Specially 4u

Download the 6 Little Ducks Resource Here
Step 4: Formation of numerals—We teach numeral writing with FUN fine motor activities.

Activities are enhanced by using our numeral writing resources.

Playdough numbersDotted fine motor cards 1-20

Read about our resources and ideas for encouraging number writing here

Step 5: Sequencing numerals

Once your child has learnt to rote count numbers and recognise numerals, it is important to sequence the numerals to match the spoken number.

Sequencing Number 1 Sequencing Number 2

Train Sequencing

Train Sequencing Numeracy Game – ED Specially 4U

Resource available here

Step 6: Relationship between numerals and object groups—counting out groups of objects and matching these to the written numeral

Sequencing Number 3

All of our resources are available for purchase to use in your own preschool/school/homeschool settings or to reinforce the learning in our classes

Please contact us to discuss your individual learning needs or speak with your class teacher about how ED Specially 4U helps your child to achieve this very important WHOLE NUMBER mathematics strand

For the Love of Learning