Throughout all of our FUN classes we use music to assist the students with their learning.
Music and song is motivating and definitely makes LEARNING FUN.
All children (and adults too) learn better when exposed to music in their learning environment.  It was of course, then one of the highly important elements to add to the program when designing the ED Specially 4U school readiness program.

All of our programs use as many hands-on and motivating learning experiences as possible.  We believe in making learning fun.  We have created a custom designed set of learning resources to motivate, teach for comprehension and to reinforce number/literacy concepts.

The great advantage to visual singing resources is that they offer a motivating opportunity for children to understand the lyrics of the songs, as well as offering a visual cue to sequence the songs in correct order.

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Singing Folders are available when all song sets are purchased. Great for keeping all of your resources organised in the classroom

Each of the resources use different elements to assist the learner, whether it be images that can be manipulated to reinforce the song, or several pieces in each pack so students can have a hands-on learning experience with them.


These cute and motivating resources teach counting in  forward and backward motion as well as numeral sequencing and give the students lots of opportunity to explore the rhythm and rhyme of the songs.


3 Jellyfish

3 Jellyfish

Counting & Language Development Strengthened through everyday objects and activities:


Language Skills are Developed with the Assistance of Visual Resources

These singing resources assist our students with turn taking, concept development, choice making and colour identification

Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald


As an addition to our Visual Singing Resources we also offer Singing Choice packs.  These packs offer a choice board with each song kit represented on a single card so that the students can choose a song they would like to sing

choice making

Our resources have been widely purchased for use in preschools, early childhood centres,  special education classrooms, mainstream schools and playgroups/homeschool settings.  We are very proud of our unique resource range and love being able to share this with our students to enhance both their learning and enjoyment


For the Love of Learning


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