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We hope that your first ‘Ready 4 School’


School Readiness Class was GREAT FUN!

The first class has introduced your child to the sound /a/

During the next week we want you to reinforce the sound /a/ with your child.  Find words in their normal daily routines that start with the sound /a/.   If you are looking for more activities to reinforce this sound you can visit our Pinterest page with Letter A – Learn at Home activities

An additional craft activity that we are featuring is ‘Amelia the Ant’  Join us to make this fun activity reinforcing the sound /a/ with your child

‘Amelia the Ant’

Title Page


Print out the apple template worksheet

Craft worksheet Amelia the ant.pub

Paint in whichever colour you would like your ant to be.  We used a copper colour, you might choose black, brown, yellow, red or another
apple cut in half
paint brush
Google eyes (optional)
Black marker pen (sharpie)



How to Make Amelia the Ant

When you are making our letter crafts with your child make sure you spend time reinforcing the /a/ sound.  Talk about the name /aaa/ Amelia the Ant.  If you have a copy of our Phonics 4U CD it would be fantastic to play the ‘letter a’ song as you create.

  1. Cut an apple in half. Hold the apple in your hand, with the outside (the skin part) within the hand and the inside part of the apple facing upward
  2. Using the paint brush and the paint, spread the paint evenly and in a thick coating across one half of the cut apple        IMG_8347
  3. Hold the apple on the skin side and place it carefully onto the apple template worksheet.  The painted side of the apple should be placed onto the page as close to the apples at the side as possible
  4. Without taking the apple off the page, spin the apple in your hand to make the circular shape of the apple
  5. Remove the apple from the worksheet
  6. Repeat the steps 1-5 another 2 times.  Make sure to move the apple beside the last apple print each time, so that the apple prints make the body of Amelia the Ant
  7. Leave the ant to dry
  8. When dry use the black texta to draw 6 legs on the ant – 2 on each part of the ant body.  Also add antenna to the ant head
  9. Glue a googly eye onto the head of the ant – or you could add a black circle for this effect instead

ant finished product.pub

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