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Now that your children have returned home from this week’s lesson about letter t, it’s a great time to reinforce the sound /t/ they have been learning with their teacher.  We recommend completing your normal activities; pointing out the words that start with the sound /t/, practice saying the sound and reading our class reader to reinforce the sound and words that start with the sound.

If you are looking for more activities to reinforce this sound you can visit our Pinterest page with ideas & suggestions for

Letter T – Learn at Home activities

One of the activities that we have tried in our home is to make a turtle friend, I call him

‘Terrence the Turtle’

IMG_7755 - Copy

Sturdy Cardboard Paper plate
Green or brown glitter paint
Green crepe paper
Green paper for the legs and head
Google eyes (optional)
Paint brushes


How to Make Terrence the Turtle

When you are making our letter crafts with your child make sure you spend time reinforcing the /t/ sound.  Talk about the name /ttt/ Terrence the Turtle.  If you have a copy of our Phonics 4U CD it would be fantastic to play the ‘letter t’ song as you create.

1. Using the green paint, paint brush and cardboard plate, paint the under side of the plate green.   You might like to use the green/brown glitter paint to give the turtle a shiny appearance too.  Allow to dry.


2. When the paint has mostly dried take the green crepe paper and tear into small pieces approx. 3cm x 3cm.  This is a very good fine motor skill strengthening activity.  Ripping crepe paper requires finger strength.


3. Glue the crepe paper onto the painted face of the paper plate


4. Print the template of the turtle legs and head onto the green A4 paper
Terrence the turtle parts5.  Adult or child to cut out the shapes on the template


6.  Glue the shapes onto the underneath rim of the decorated turtle shell


7.  Draw eyes onto the head of the turtle. You might choose to glue googly eyes onto the turtle’s head.


8.  You can continue to decorate the turtle as your child enjoys


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