Letter Jump is a FUN resource that we use consistently through the ED Specially 4U School Readiness program.

The versatility of this game makes it a favourite in our classrooms.

Students have many options for how to play the game as well as the amount of letters which are introduced in the game

Even beginning letter learners can play this game with knowledge of only a couple of the letters of the alphabet. We start reinforcing letter learner after 3 letters have been taught, with the Letter Jump game.

An important first step to Phonics with the ED Specially 4U program


Prepare the Resource


  1. Download your copy of the resource here
  2. Print all of the letter pages on paper or cardstock
  3. Cut around the outside of the letter shapes
  4. Laminate all of the letter pages
  5. Play the game and have FUN!




How to Play Letter Jump Phonics Game


This game is a versatile learning game. It has multi-dimensional learning levels.


  • Place letter cards facing upward onto the ground (you can place from 3—26 letters down at any given time—dependent upon the skill of the learner)
  • The player selects a letter of their choice
  • The player jumps onto the letter card (make sure they are not positioned on a slippery surface) or they can pick up the letter card
  • The player can name the letter name, it’s phonic sound, a word that starts with that sound—or all three
  • This game can also be changed so that the player is told which card to select which can be instructed based on letter name, phonic sound or a word that starts with the sound of the letter card



Students love this phonics game as it allows them to reinforce early learning skills and build their confidence with letters and their sounds

Download your copy of the resource here

Learn with Confidence