A specifically designed program following your child’s development from preschool/kindergarten years to BIG school


The EDSpecially4U

abc 4 me literacy program and resources offer your child an individualised teaching program which follows current research and best practice teaching techniques.

Our program is designed and taught by an experienced early childhood, primary school, special education trained professional teacher.

Our program specialises in ‘Growing a Literacy Garden’.  Using our unique program and educational resources we lead your child through literacy instruction in small stages – ‘petal by petal’.

Learning literacy requires that all elements are met.

We teach:

  • phonemic awareness,
  • phonics,
  • sight words,
  • fluency and vocabulary development

While also developing your child’s:

  • fine motor,
  • handwriting,
  • grammar,
  • sentence structure,
  • writing in text type skill


Reading FlowerWriting Flower


We prepare our program based on your child’s individual needs as well as the new ACARA – Australian Education Curriculum

All of our programs use hands on and motivating learning resources which ensure progress.

The abc4me literacy resources are available for you to download and use at home, please contact us if you would like assistance to choose the resource that is best for your child’s needs and learning level.


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