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Now that we are starting to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather days, it is a perfect time to return to the warmth of outside play.  There is nothing as nice as enjoying a lovely spring morning in the garden.

This Living Art activity allows your child to enjoy the garden, being outside and craft – all the favourite elements for your little one

Grow a Flower Garden



Coloured A4 paper (we chose blue to reflect the clear spring sky)

Dot paints – bright colours were our preference

Craft Glue

Paint brush

Texta – any colour you choose


How to Make

1. Visit your garden or go for a walk to the park and collect a small snippet of greenery.  You only need 3 small stems between 5-10cms of plant greenery (we used our buxus hedge as this made low impact on the plant and was an effective choice)
2. Take your A4 paper and the paint brush to glue 3 lines onto the paper


3. Adhere the collected plant greenery to the 3 lines of glue
4. Use the dot paints to create dot flowers around the green stems.  These dots do not have to be in any pattern- they can be randomly placed, which allows this craft great versatility for any age group.  For older craft makers, you might like to encourage the use of organisation and pattern to extend this skill



5.  When the paint dots are dry enough (this is a quick wait as dot painting dries quickly) help your child to draw the ‘stamen’ of the flower and they might also like to choose to outline the dots to highlight the shape of the flower



Hang your Living Garden proudly as like SPRING, this art work won’t last forever.

For the Love of Learning