ED Specially 4U are the Individual Learning Specialists      


Our program is unique!

The EDSpecially4U tutor programs have been designed for students of all ability levels who are able to move through the program in small step mastery progression.

Our program uses specifically designed hands on learning resources to increase student engagement and motivation.

The program from the team at EDSpecially4U has been designed in Australia and highly recognised for the successful outcomes within schools and home tutor programs.
Our value offered tutor program has been running for 10 years in Australia – taught to hundreds of students with life changing results

We offer  a unique tutor program which uses multi-sensory resources to teach students who need additional assistance by a motivating and hands on teaching approach.


‘abc 4 me’ literacy and ‘1234me’ numeracy

tutor programs are researched based and proven within classrooms and private tutor sessions alike

We specialise in assisting students with foundation literacy and numeracy skills. Our program strengthens our students skills in :

literacy:  phonics, word attack, sight word, fluency, comprehension, grammar and writing
numeracy: whole numbers, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division
Programs follow the Australian National syllabus as implemented in Australian Schools.
Our program develops literacy/reading & writing skills in small attainable steps

Our students grow a literacy garden, one petal at a time:

Reading FlowerWriting Flower

Our program develops numeracy/mathematics skills in small attainable steps:

Maths outline for web update without ACARA



Our positively reinforced program teaches SUCCESS

Help your child in the Classroom.  The unique EDSpecially4U tutor programs develop your individual child’s strengths by using the unique EDSpecially4U hands on, multi-sensory teaching resources which ensure success.


We offer:

  • Assessment
  • research based ‘current best practice’ teaching techniques
  • fantastic and motivating teaching resources
  • a tutor program which is highly regarded as it assists students to be their best!
  • increased literacy and numeracy levels

We believe that all children should  ‘Learn with Confidence’