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A-Z wall charts- download


Alphabet charts that are colourful and motivating.  This resource complements the EDSpecially4U phonic resource ‘Letter Stars’ found under the initial sounds phonics direct instruction resources

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Display


Decorate your classroom learning space with these letter/sound charts.  Encourage your child/student to learn their letters and it’s corresponding sound with this colourful and motivating resource

Book of Letters

Teach your child the letters and it’s sound,  and reinforce their letter knowledge with The Letter Book.
This resource complements the ‘Letter Stars’ resource used in our School Readiness Program – the unique EDSpecially4U system to teach phonics to early learners

ED Bingo


A BINGO style game which reinforces beginning sound learning and corresponding words. This game is best played within small groups and literacy centres.  A favourite game in our School Readiness Program.

Initial Sound A-Z wall charts


A4 Alphabet wall charts A-Z reinforce the EDSpecially4U phonics program using the colour and graphic groups introduced in the ‘Letter Star’ phonic resource

Letter Jump


Letter Jump is a versatile game which uses colour, shape, object names and movement to reinforce beginning phonic skills.

Letter Match-It


A BINGO style game which reinforces beginning sound learning and corresponding words. Letter recognition is reinforced with this fun activity

Letter Stars


‘Letter Stars’ are the BEGINNING step of Phonic Instruction in the abc4me literacy program.

Letter Writing Bold Fine Motor Cards


A fun way to encourage and reinforce fine motor/ writing skills.  Resource is fantastic for early writers in preschool, special education, homeschool and k-2 classrooms.  Reinforces initial sound phonic programs.

Letter Writing Cards – Whole Set Outlined, Dotted and Bold


Reinforce letter formation using these write on/wipe off letter cards.  This set uses 3 styles of writing, outlined, dotted and bold font to assist early learners with their writing skills.  Perfect for preschool, school readiness, early learning centres, primary schools, and homeschool classrooms.

Letter Writing Cards- Outlined/Fine Motor


Outlined Fine Motor/Letter Writing cards to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and encourage learning with FUN.  Great for early writers who are learning the shapes of letters and developing  fine motor skills.  Great for early learning programs, homeschool and k-2 classrooms.