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Baa Baa Baa Sheep


Our motivating resource use the famous nursery rhyme to teach phonemic awareness, literacy rhythms, speech practice, sequencing and word recognition skills.

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Display


Decorate your classroom learning space with these letter/sound charts.  Encourage your child/student to learn their letters and it’s corresponding sound with this colourful and motivating resource

Birds in Trees


Help these cute birds find their way to the tree.  This resource is able to played on many levels allowing for individual needs of the students.  This game can be played by 1 to 10 players and is perfect in programs from homeschool to school or preschool numeracy groups/centres.

Bubbles in Bowls


A very popular game used to reinforce numeral writing and counting with one to one correspondence.  Can be used time and time again as it is an easy wipe off resource

Build It Blending Words Game


Hearing and identifying sounds is important for reading acquisition.  Early learners love this game as they practice hearing and saying the sounds in words and then finding the phonemes that relate to each sound.  Sound Building 3 Sound Game is not only fun but also an important skill builder, for phonemic awareness and phonic skills

CVC Blending


Hands on learning with this resource motivates early readers and readers who need practice to sound out words

ED Colour Match


Sorting ED’s are a colour teaching and reinforcing resource.  It can be used as a resource for individual/small group instruction or played as a game.

Feelings Charts


Feelings are often difficult to learn and to understand in young learners.  It is important that they speak about how they are feeling, to assist them to control their emotions.  This motivating set of graphic cards and words will assist your child/student to try to understand their feelings.  This resource works with the Morning Organisation Boards

Fish Bowls 1-10


Help these cute little fish find their way to the fishbowl.  A numeral and object counting game for early number skill learners

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Your child will love singing along to this favourite song using a hands on and visual approach.  Song comes with printed lyrics.  Fantastic resource for preschool, childcare, playgroup, homeschool, special education and k-2 classrooms