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2D Shape Memory Match


Played in the traditional style of memory match; a bright, colourful and FUN game which reinforces shape recognition and naming

Birds in Trees


Help these cute birds find their way to the tree.  This resource is able to played on many levels allowing for individual needs of the students.  This game can be played by 1 to 10 players and is perfect in programs from homeschool to school or preschool numeracy groups/centres.

CVC Word Family Memory Match


Reinforce the CVC word family and rhyme skills of the early learner with this fun and motivating game.  This game allows for different learning abilities as it can be played in various ways.

Days of the Week


Days of the Week charts are incredibly motivating for the early learner who is reinforcing their week’s schedule.  Every home and classroom should have a copy of these colourful charts that include words and graphics

Fish Bowls 1-10


Help these cute little fish find their way to the fishbowl.  A numeral and object counting game for early number skill learners

Goldilocks and The Three Bears


Assist little learners to comprehend the spoken story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’  Great for use in preschool/ primary school/ playgroup and homeschool settings