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2D Shape Charts OR Shapes Book


A colourful classroom display or charts to be used in activities to reinforce shapes.  This bright and fun resource will make learning shapes FUN in the classroom learning enironment

2D Shape Memory Match


Played in the traditional style of memory match; a bright, colourful and FUN game which reinforces shape recognition and naming

5 Cheeky Monkeys


Your child will love singing along to this favourite song using a hands on and visual approach. The song comes with the printable lyrics.

A4 Wall Charts 1-20


This resource is a motivating set of 20 colourful charts, that display the numeral, written word , dot formation and graphics for the numbers 1-20.

Bee Hives


These cute buzzy bees need to fine their way to the bee hive. Bee Hives is a FUN numeracy resource/game which reinforces numeral recognition, counting skills and matching numerals to object groups

Birds in Trees


Help these cute birds find their way to the tree.  This resource is able to played on many levels allowing for individual needs of the students.  This game can be played by 1 to 10 players and is perfect in programs from homeschool to school or preschool numeracy groups/centres.

Days of the Week


Days of the Week charts are incredibly motivating for the early learner who is reinforcing their week’s schedule.  Every home and classroom should have a copy of these colourful charts that include words and graphics

Fish Bowls 1-10


Help these cute little fish find their way to the fishbowl.  A numeral and object counting game for early number skill learners

Ladybug Dot Memory Match


A cute and motivating resource which reinforces dot patterns and numeral recognition- played like the traditional memory match game, this is great fun for early learners

Season Charts


Season charts for home or classroom use – help your child think about the current season of the year with these motivating charts

Tens Frame Fish


This cute fish resource can be used in ‘under the sea’ themes or as a stand alone resource to develop numeracy skills