A4 Readers – Ready 4 School Reading Resource


Read along with this set of books to reinforce the learning in the ‘Ready 4 School’ program.  Learning initial sound phonics is great fun with these reading books

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The successful ‘Ready 4 School’ School readiness program uses our bespoke ‘abc4me’ phonics program

Our phonics program uses shape, colour and graphics to assist with learning and reinforcement of sounds.  This range of shape, colour and graphics is consistent throughout the program – as is the case for our readers

This product is the A4 (whole page) size readers, great for teaching and reinforcing the letters and their sounds

This set of readers is used within the online ‘Ready 4 School’ school readiness program

The readers reinforce the ‘Letter Stars’ resource which introduces the initial letters and their sounds, as well as a words that start with those sounds

Readers are organised into the specific letter order, in which we teach the letters and their sounds in our program.  This letter order follows best research which has detailed the importance of this specific letter order for errorless learning – a very important introduction to the letters and their sounds

A fun and motivating, colourful resource to assist your child to learn beginning reading skills