Memory Match- Alphabet Phonics Game


A bright, fun and motivating memory match game that students love to use.  Teach and reinforce early phonic skills to readers

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A bright, fun and motivating class resource.
This is a game which can be played in small groups or with the whole class.
This game is a pairs matching activity.
Students match the letter/sound to the correct graphic. This resource is versatile as it can be taught at varying levels of student ability. It allows the flexibility to play the game in the traditional pairs matching style by turning over 2 cards at a time to find a match. It could be played with the cards face up for the students to recognise 2 cards that match, or the teacher/parent/tutor can verbally ask the student to find the letter name and it’s pair.
This resource is not limited to only a memory match function as the A4 charts make the resource versatile in other teaching games.
This resource is used frequently in our School Readiness and Tutor Programs, with great success and FUN