Phonic Letter Cards


Letter cards are versatile for any learning environment.  Cards can be used to sound out words, play games, fill in missing letters, create first words, copy for writing purposes – the list is extensive.  Every learning environment needs phonic letter cards

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Phonic Letter Cards are integral in the ED Specially 4U school readiness program.
Once the letters are taught using the ‘Letter Star’ resource, the learning is reinforced with the letter cards.  Letter cards can be used to reinforce phonic sounds, letter names, blending, fine motor and beginning spelling activities; to name a few.
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Letter set comes in both coloured and white backgrounds.  The colours of the letters correspond with the ED Specially 4U literacy system, which consistently uses the same colour to represent a letter.  To achieve mastery of this letter, the resource extends the student’s skills by reinforcing the sound without a coloured background.
A total of 52 letter cards included
A must for every literacy centre and homeschool literacy environment