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If your house is like mine at the moment, you may have a little person who LOVES the rain!!   We are fairly unfamiliar with such bouts of rainy weather in Australia.  As soon as the rain starts we are running for the umbrella, gumboots and raincoats – jumping in puddles is FUN!!

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the changing weather with your child.  Rain activities are so versatile, here are some FUN activities you might like to try.

My main theme of choice for this blog is RAINBOWS.  Children and adults alike enjoy rainbows


There is a large array of stories that involve rain and rainbows.  We love sharing some of our favourites with our students:

The Rainbow Book by Five Mile Press

Rainbow Book

Kipper’s Rainy Day by Mick Inkpen

Kipper's Rainy Day

Little Cloud by Eric Carle

Little Cloud

There are lots of other great books, you might like to visit one of the libraries to discover more books together.


Develop your child’s colour recognition, fine motor and creativity skills

Read about rainbow painting that incorporates building fine motor strength, colour, creativity, and the concept of dripping artwork – here

Completed painting


Talk about all of the colours of the rainbow.  You can reinforce this activity by using our Star Colour Wall Charts

Colour Charts

Click here to download your own copy to use at home

ED Specially 4U offer resources and games to reinforce errorless colour learning:
  ‘ED Colour Matching’ Game-
Download your personal copy here

numeracy 013 (2014_02_28 03_56_53 UTC) edited

  ‘Primary Colour and Shape’ Game
Download your personal copy here

Colour and Shape Match

Another FUN idea to practice colour matching is to use these FREE printable colour clouds.  Your child will love completing a colour treasure hunt!  Print the FREE cloud colour resource and laminate the page if you want it to be durable.   Give the laminated page to your child to find household objects to match to the cloud colour

Red cloud colour matchYellow cloud colour match

Download  FREE Colour Cloud resource here



Healthy children might like to have some time enjoying the rainy day weather with closely supervised outdoor playtime.  Of course, make sure your child has sensible warm  and wet weather clothing.  Children love to don gumboots and an umbrella to play in the puddles.

Rain puddles

Enjoying some time with a bucket of water and some water play toys is also a great way to enjoy indoor rain play.  In this activity we added some blue food colouring to enhance the colour of the water

waterwater 2


Encourage your child’s fine motor development by still using the rainbow theme.  You might do some rainbow threading activities.  You can do this with produced bead threading activities or you might like to colour your own pasta to create rainbow necklaces

IMG_8758 IMG_8754

Rainbow playdough is great fun for appreciating the rainbow colours.


Watch our youtube video displaying how to create a playdough rainbow  here


Fine motor is also encouraged through shaving cream play.

We started our rainbow in shaving cream by adding one colour at a time and gradually swirling in more colours, red, blue – what colour does it become?

 A rainbow theme should always be enjoyed with a little song.  A classic,  is of course – ‘I can Sing a Rainbow’


Dancing with rainbow coloured scarves is a fantastic way to encourage colour appreciation as well as movement

IMG_1527 IMG_1485 Scarf dancing

We love RAINBOW activity fun.  Rainbows are not limited to the preschooler – even bigger KIDS enjoy these activities too!!

For the Love of Learning