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Rainy rainy days inspire happy rainbow craft


Enjoy this art and craft activity with your preschooler while they develop strength in fine motor, creativity and colour concepts.


Piece of A3 paper
Rainbow paint colours: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue set out on seperate trays with paint sponges
Spray bottle


How to make:

Place the A3 paper onto a paint easle or onto a wall/cupboard door.  Place a drip sheet underneath the paper as there will be a lot of drips.
Choose which colour paint you would like to be your ‘main’ colour of the painting.  The artist of this picture chose PINK

spray paint

Add the chosen colour to the spray bottle.  Only add a small amount of paint.  Water down the paint with cold water so that the paint becomes a very runny consistency
Using the spray bottle develops stronger fine motor skills.  Children may naturally grasp the bottle trigger with two hands, however encourage the student to hold the trigger with one hand

trigger grip

Spray the paint across the top of the A3 paper.  Squirting at the top allows the thin paint to run down the paper.  The effect that is being created is like the running down of rain.  This is a good time to link your teaching with the concept of the rain representation.  The model for this craft activity enjoyed talking about how the paint was dripping like rain

Spray top of paper

Choose the next colour that the student would like to paint.  Reinforce the colours of the rainbow as the student looks at the remaining colours.  We love to sing the rainbow song ‘I can sing a rainbow’ as part of our teaching
Using the sponges. the artist dabs the other colours of the rainbow across the dripping base colour

stamp yellowSponging yellow

Complete the picture using all of the colours of the rainbow

sponging blue

Allow the painting a lot of drying time as the base paint colour is thin and watery
 Completed painting
Rainbows are such a fun way to reinforce colours and rain concepts; make the most of  this rainbow art activity by singing songs, reading books and looking at pictures of rainbows.  Children are enchanted by rainbows, it is a truly magical concept to share with children

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