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The Ready 4 School program is an opportunity to spend special ‘quality’ time with your child. Too often, parents tell us they do not know what they should be doing with their children at home to enhance their learning. The Ready 4 School program offers a great opportunity to be with your child and encourage their learning. We encourage you to enjoy this amazing program with your child.

Follow these tips to allow the class to run smoothly:

  • Have all of the resources for the week’s lesson prepared in advance; booklets, craft supplies, worksheets etc. Refer to your letter for the week resource packs.

Don’t put these in front of your child, wait and give them to your child when each activity is introduced in the class

  • Help your child to choose pencils, scissors, glue and textas before the class begins and have these prepared in front of them for the program
  • Sit your child in a comfortable position in their learning space. This might be your dining table, the coffee table, a children’s play/work table. Try to complete the writing activities while seated at a table

We enjoy moving the activities to different tables/floor spaces or mats. This ensures the student is motivated and having fun while they are learning.

For example: you might like to place the letter and sight word cards on the floor for your child to touch and play with while Ms Donna is using them on the screen.  

You might like to set up the songs and games in a different area of the room

  • The class moves quickly through each of the activities. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are able to pause the program as your child is completing the activities. It is designed to be paused and your child is to work at their own pace. No student is expected to complete these activities as quickly as they are presented. You can review the class content based on your child’s individual needs.
  • Your child might like to be involved in re-starting the play button when they have completed the relevant activity, this will also provide a level of independence in your child’s learning
  • Children love to point out that they are using the same resources as are on the computer/ipad they are viewing the program through, encourage this concept as they feel very important
  • Take opportunities to individualise the program to your child’s needs. For example: when your child completes the letter writing task you could turn over the page and your child could trace/copy their name
  • You may like to make your child’s learning environment colourful and motivating. We have many resources available to download at our online shop. These resources are custom designed to complement our programs. Please contact us if you need assistance with ideas to achieve this.



All children learn at different paces. All children have different strengths and needs. Do not apply pressure to your child to complete all of the activities in the program. ‘Ready 4 School’ is developed as a FUN program and will encourage children to join in with the activities. If your child shows some resistance to completing activities- let them enjoy the classes without joining in with the activities. Encourage the FUN element. Your child will still be learning


If your child is not reading or writing as quickly as you would like– do not be overly concerned.This is different for each child. It is important that the ‘Ready 4 School’ program is a FUN introduction to school and academic learning.   Each child will enjoy the program at their own pace


If you complete the program and have some concerns about your child’s development, you may like to seek an assessment through a professional such as a speech therapist, occupational therapist or child development psychologist.

Speak to your preschool/early childhood teacher or general practitioner if you have concerns about your child’s development.


The ‘Ready 4 School’ program gives your child a fabulous first start to the BIG school curriculum

Your child will Learn with Confidence.

Classes are designed to move in small steps to encourage confident mastery of the skills. It is important that your child does NOT feel pressured to complete activities. The program is developed to be FUN.

If your child is not having fun (such as; feeling pressure to complete the activities with perfection or to repeat the activities until they are boring) the program will no longer be effective.

The most important learning we want your child to achieve in this program is to

Learn with Confidence and to learn in a FUN environment.

The ‘Ready 4 school’ program uses games, songs, hands on learning resources and activities to ensure your child has a FUN learning experience.

Research shows that children learn best through play: while our activities provide structured play, this is also a vital learning tool as learning with fun allows your child to naturally enjoy the activities and want to learn more.

The development of cognitive skills, including dispositions for learning (such as curiosity and persistence), memory and thinking skills, and language and literacy skills, have strong links to play (Bodrova & Leong, 2005)



We love the program!

What else can I do to enhance my child’s learning?

When you join our membership team we will provide you with lots of additional activities you might like to try at home with your child.  We have lots of ideas for how to make learning FUN.

In the meantime, make sure you connect with us for loads of tips and ideas

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Each child is individual and each child learns at their own pace. This is NORMAL. Your child will have strengths in one area and will be still developing skills in other areas.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact the EDSpecially4U team, we are trained educators and able to help

Learning online is great FUN, Enjoy the class!




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