The EDSpecially4U Learning Programs include a range of bespoke Learning Resources

EDSpecially4U offers a range of resources which:
  • teach key concepts in literacy and numeracy
  • motivate
  • provide hands on learning experiences
  • are designed by Australian teachers for teacher and parent use
  • are colourful and visually stimulating
  • use a multi-sensory approach to instruction
  • are designed to be taught in a set sequence, in which students move in small steps to achieve mastery learning
  • can be downloaded and able to be used on the day of purchase
Letters pages2D Shape ChartsTeddy Alphabet BingoFish in Bowls

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Classroom Learning Resources:

ED Specially 4U resources are appropriate for use with students of varying abilities.

Our resources are used in:
  • Preschool School Readiness programs
  • Classes teaching English
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Early stage 1/ Stage 1 classrooms
  • Kindergarten
  • Reception
  • Prep Schools
  • Support Programs
  • Learning support classes and units
  • SSP’s (schools for specific purposes)
  • by parents
  • by tutors
  • homeschool programs
Our resources have been designed to meet the needs of all students  in whole class or small group/individual instruction classes. Our resources are being used for teaching all ranges of student ability:
  • mainstream literacy centres/group time
  • dyslexia education
  • autism education
  • learning disability
  • ESL/EAL education (students who have English as a second language)

ALL students benefit from the EDSpecially4U teaching resources.  If you have a student in your classroom with specific learning needs, the EDSpecially4U resources are essential teaching tools.

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Untitled-9_0002_Layer 5

abc 4 me

Get your abc4me Literacy Resources HERE

The abc4me literacy program is the complete package for teaching your child literacy.

abc4me is a completely unique set of instructional resources which guide the learner through the process of literacy development.  Our program is researched based and successfully proven within classrooms and private tutor programs throughout Australia.

Learn with Confidence – our learning model is to build our literacy garden one petal at a time.  Our reading and writing Literacy Flowers detail the skills that are explicitly taught through in our Literacy Programs

Literacy Flowers

Writing Flower

Untitled-9_0003_Layer 6

123 4 me

Get your 1234me Literacy Resources HERE

1234me is a completely unique set of instructional resources to guide the learner through the process of numeracy development.  Our program is researched based and proven within classrooms and private tutor programs.

These resources are designed to be taught via direct instruction and then the skills are reinforced with hands on learning activities and games.   This program has been developed based on current research and follows the Australian National Curriculum.

Maths outline for web update without ACARA

If you have any further queries about our growing number of resources, please contact us at email: edspecially4u@bigpond.com

These resources have been custom created to ensure that students learn concepts with FUN. We are proud of the products that we provide and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.



©2007 EDSpecially4U ED Specially 4U resources are created by ED Specially 4U. Downloading these resources does not grant the buyer any copyrights and they always remain the property of ED Specially 4U. These resources are only for personal or classroom use. They cannot be used within any commercial activities. Contact EDSpecially4U to organise a commercial licence agreement.     View the resource range at the EDSpecially4U shop  
ED Specially 4U can also custom make resources, please email us at edspecially4u@bigpond.com, to discuss your individual resource needs.

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