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‘Does my child need the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program?’

Of course I fully believe that our School Readiness program is an essential start to school, and yes I am biased but let me tell you why.

Why does my child need the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program?

Watching my children complete preschool and head to ‘BIG’ school was the reason EDSpecially4U was established .

As a primary school teacher, I understood that school will provide your children with the structured learning skills, and all of the curriculum that your child will require.  Unfortunately the demands of the curriculum in schools now requires children go to school- ‘ready to learn’.

From the moment your child starts BIG school they will be required to learn many new school rules, routines and academic skills.  The first year of school is no longer the play based format that was offered when adults went to school.  Playtimes are shorter – and usually only left for the playground, while the children need to complete a very busy curriculum in the classroom.  For the child who has not been exposed to some academic concepts, school can become both an exhausting and stressful activity. With good preparation, children confidently start school and start learning the day they enter the primary school classroom, Ready 4 School.

The EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program prepares your child in the comfort of their own learning space.  In this space your child can enjoy learning at their own pace and follow along with the teacher as they are shown through the new skills in small and structured learning stages.


What does the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program Teach your Child?:

  • Phonics

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Sight Words

  • Maths and number

  • Fine Motor and Writing

  • Songs and games

  • Structured learning to prepare children in a confidence building learning program

  • A learning program that introduces the primary school curriculum

  • Explicit teaching of letters and numbers are developed so that the child can start school confidently knowing these beginning skills

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills are introduced to strengthen writing skills

  • Confidence to follow teacher instructions

  • Confidence to try new skills

  • Confidence to achieve new skills

  • Confidence to learn with FUN

  • Confidence to Learn and Achieve

My child already attends a Preschool which offers a School Readiness Program

Whenever I discuss school readiness with parents I make it extremely clear that children should attend preschool, kindergarten or another early learning setting before they start school.  In this environment, children learn the very important social and emotional skills that are required for the rest of their lives.  Children learn how to interact with same aged peers.  Preschool/long day care is an essential start to schooling.  I endorse programs that follow the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) which follow a play based learning program.

EDSpecially4U complements the early learning and preschool programs which your child attends.  Our School Readiness Program offers explicit teaching in literacy and numeracy, through fun multi-sensory activities.  Our students increase their skills while learning in a comfortable and familiar learning environment.

What is included in the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program:

  • downloadable video content that provides a 1:1 learning tutorial for your child
  • downloadable worksheets which are used within the program
  • FREE readers to download and use time and time again, to reinforce the sight words
  • Craft activities detailed
  • Parent tips and assistance
  • FREEBIES – each week as a member, you will receive value filled freebies for your own use



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With honesty I can say that our students and teachers alike, love our programs.  Happy children enjoy the structured learning program and the success they achieve.  My personal favourite teaching moment is the look on their faces when I say “I didn’t know you can read!” – they stop and realise that using the sounds and sight words is helping them to actually start to read.


We love to receive feedback about the program.  Often we hear from students and their parents after they have started BIG school.  They are thrilled with how easy the adjustment to school was following the guidance of our program.  If you would like your child to achieve success in the Ready 4 School program – contact us for further information OR JOIN TODAY HERE

Learn with Confidence