The beauty of Spring is a beautiful season to investigate with your children.  New life, insects and flowers are some of the themes to explore at this time of the year.

I love butterflies.  The mystery, the beauty and the incredible learning opportunities from the butterfly life cycle – make the butterfly a favourite theme in our classroom.

Try this fun craft activity to reinforce the theme while developing your child’s creative design skills


Butterfly template – pre cut (this template is solid black to allow you to choose the thickness of your butterfly.  Cut the centre out as you would prefer)

Contact paper – 2 sheets

Coloured straws cut into 2cm lengths – pre-snipped or cut by the crafter

Coloured papers cut into squares 2cm x 2cm 9the more colourful the better)

How to Make

1. Prepare the butterfly template – print and cut as requiredbutterfly silhouette


2. Cut contact to fit behind the butterfly template – this can be prepared as a square large enough to adhere the butterfly too, and cutting around the butterfly shape can be achieved after the artwork is complete

3. Adhere the contact to the back of the butterfly template


4. Place the butterfly with the sticky side facing upwards

5. The crafter can select the cut straws and coloured papers to fill the contact with.  The more pieces of straw and paper adhered to the paper – the better the final design will look.  Encourage your child to select one piece at a time and place it onto the contact butterfly.  Encourage the use of finger and thumb to complete this craft and develop their fine motor skills.


6.  When your child is happy with the finished product of their butterfly, adhere the second piece of contact face down to the butterfly template.  This contact will seal the craft work


7. Cut around the outside of the butterfly template to trim the contact edges


Make sure to hang this beautiful and colourful artwork on a window to allow the Spring sun to shine through.  Your child will be delighted with the final product


For the Love of Learning