Literacy Support for your Child

A specifically designed program following your child’s development from preschool/kindergarten years to BIG school   The EDSpecially4U abc 4 me literacy program and resources offer your child an individualised teaching program which follows current research and best practice teaching techniques. Our program is designed and taught by an experienced early childhood, primary school, special education trained…

Phonological Awareness 3: Phonemes

Phonemic awareness is important because there is a high correlation between a student’s level of phonemic awareness and success in beginning reading. (Ehri & Nunes, 2002) This is our third blog in the series of blogs about phonological awareness.  The first 2 topics covered rhyme/rhythm and syllabification. Continuing to walk up the rungs of our ‘ladder…

What will my child learn in the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program?

The EDSpecially4U School Readiness program provides: Cognitive Readiness for School The ED Specially 4U school readiness program exposes students to the pre-academic skills which will assist your child to have a confident HEAD START to school. Confidence is developed by way of  an introduction to the sounds/letters and numbers concepts which will be taught at school. Our program engages the…

Letter Craft – Letter t, Terrence the Turtle

Now that your children have returned home from this week’s lesson about letter t, it’s a great time to reinforce the sound /t/ they have been learning with their teacher.  We recommend completing your normal activities; pointing out the words that start with the sound /t/, practice saying the sound and reading our class reader to reinforce the sound and words that start with the sound.

If you are looking for more activities to reinforce this sound you can visit our Pinterest page with ideas & suggestions for
Letter T – Learn at Home activities
One of the activities that we have tried in our home is to make a turtle friend, I call him
‘Terrence the Turtle’