What will my child learn in the EDSpecially4U School Readiness Program?

The EDSpecially4U School Readiness program provides: Cognitive Readiness for School The ED Specially 4U school readiness program exposes students to the pre-academic skills which will assist your child to have a confident HEAD START to school. Confidence is developed by way of  an introduction to the sounds/letters and numbers concepts which will be taught at school. Our program engages the…

The EDSpecially4U Philosophy

ED Specially 4U aims to inspire young children to have a passion to learn from the early years EDSpecially4u enjoys introducing students to a FUN learning environment using motivating programs and hands-on learning resources which encourage passion for learning and success in learning At EDSpecially4U we believe that all students can learn. We enjoy and are proud to present learning programs…

Colours, Colours, Everywhere

At ED Specially 4U classes we are often asked for ideas on how parents can assist their children to learn at home.  A foundation educational skill for your child is the identification of colour.   Colour activities are very important for your pre-schooler.  Colour recognition assists children to understand the world around them.  Colour identification provides …

10 Ways to Reinforce School Readiness at home

We are often asked ‘What can we do at home to develop our child’s School Readiness Skills?’
Home preparation in School Readiness is different to how we teach School Readiness in our classes.
This difference is important.
Children in the preschool age range need to be developing their social and emotional skills at home and preschool settings.  They need to learn through play and exploration.

The academic skills we encourage during school readiness classes are provided in enough detail during the class.  EDSpecially4U classes offer structured learning activities as an introduction to school, but they are not how your child should spend the majority of their week.
There are some nice ways that you can reinforce the learning from our classes through play and exploration.
ED Specially 4U recommends these activities

Ready 4 School- Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!

This is always our busiest term with many new students joining our classes in preparation for classes or starting school next year.

It is such an exciting term, and the lead up to Christmas is so busy that this term always rushes by too quickly.
Our School Readiness program gives our students exposure to the academic skills they will further develop at BIG school. As always we recommend that you spend some time reinforcing the skills that we have taught each week.  Please refer to any of our hand outs and information

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Don’t forget to discuss any other academic ideas with your teacher or refer to our website www.edspecially4u.com.au to see other games and resources to reinforce your child’s academic learning.
For our students who are heading to BIG school next year, I have compiled a list of other suggestions to develop your child’s social and emotional skills in preparation for the exciting times ahead.

I love Technology

As both a teacher and a parent, I am regularly asked my feelings on the use of technology by children. Should my children have ipads/learning tablets, access computer games, download apps to play with? My answer is always that I LOVE technology for children BUT it must be aggressively monitored and controlled by parents  …

Letter Jump Phonics Game

Letter Jump is a FUN resource that we use consistently through the ED Specially 4U School Readiness program. The versatility of this game makes it a favourite in our classrooms. Students have many options for how to play the game as well as the amount of letters which are introduced in the game Even beginning…