My thoughts on the program….

Well structured, organised and well presented.

It is very helpful with my daughter



I am pleased to report that my son has started Big School with a great big smile, plenty of excitement and a confidence that has made me very proud. Despite my own anxiety he has done really well. I am contributing this largely to him undertaking the Ready 4 School program.  Even though it is now many weeks since the last Ready 4 School class, L_ has continued to mention the class and the things he did or learnt.

I look forward to enrolling my younger son when he has reached suitable age.

My thoughts on the resources, worksheets & variety of activities….

Fabulous tools, wish I had discovered them 10 years ago!

Great, R____ enjoys the whole hour lesson

It is good


What did you enjoy most about the classes?….

R____ couldn’t wait to get there! That says it all really!

All of it, It is amazing how much they have learnt

My son loves it and can’t wait to come to each class

My child loves to do craft

Do you find the staff approachable and feel that you received enough feedback on your child?….

Yes, it is important.  Staff/teacher is a key that helps the child learn

Yes, the teacher communicated well and gave honest and generous feedback every week

Very approachable.  Always available for a quick chat

The program is excellent preparation for school. L__ was always keen to complete his homework and show it to the group.  I found it really helped him with the formation of his letters.

The resources are great, L___especially enjoyed the beginning readers.  These really helped his sight word development.

(Mother and Primary School Teacher)

This was perfect for J. It was the ‘top up’ she needed from preschool and I could clearly see the difference in her. Highly recommend it!! Great Donna and team.  Thank you so much.

The program was excellent.  It was a great way of increasing N’s confidence and sparking his interest in learning.  The classroom environment has also been an asset for promoting school etiquette skills.  The best part of the program is that N always said he had fun and was always so happy and  smiling when I picked him up! Thanks so much.

ED Specially 4U team should be congratulated.  I’ll certainly be enrolling my other son and will spread the word.  I liked the small group and the personal contact.

The program is excellent! A has been singing all the songs and recognizing letters for some time now.  His favourite word is ‘the’ which he spots in   books and on signs.  Thank you, A has improved his writing and knowledge incredibly and enjoyed every minute!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work that you put into the program this year. T has really enjoyed the program, and looked forward to each week. His letter recognition has increased dramatically and he is now able to tell me the name of his letters and all the sounds that they make. The  resources that support the program have been fabulous. Each night he reads one of his books to me, then when we read together he is able to pick out words that he knows and recognize them. His confidence in himself has increased and he knows that he can do it. To start school next year with this   confidence I think gives him such an advantage.  There are so many changes that the children need to adapt to in the first year of school that to have an ‘I can’ attitude will help them immensely. Thank you for making the sessions enjoyable and fun, T is looking forward to starting ‘big school’, and I know part of this is due to your school readiness program.


The 2 new students that are in my class have had some input into beginning reading and number work. I began using the star letters last week and they just love it. The most amazing thing is 2 other students that come out in the severe range are taking a very keen interest. One of these students has got a few words and he has begun repeating words , especially  alligator, diamond and star.

Thank you again. I’m just so impressed with the new ideas you come up with.

Sue (IO/IS Teacher in SSP Sydney)

The kids love your products – the visuals for the songs are really working well.

The phonics song is just wonderful- it is paced beautifully and the clarity and brevity of the words is perfect for my kids- One of my students with Downs Syndrome has never joined in singing anything and now he will accompany the CD by himself- it is really interesting as I have tried alot of different Phonics songs with him over the 2 years I have had him.

Nola – Teacher IO class

The letter and name book has been very useful.  A____has been happy to trace all the letters and his name, and it’s great that it wipes clean.

These are great.  I have purchased the number cards 1-10 and N____, at 3 years is able to identify numbers 1-10.

The resources are fun and engaging.

I think the resources are great!

Very organised, professional and age appropriate

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