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The EDSpecially4U School Readiness program provides:

Cognitive Readiness for School

The ED Specially 4U school readiness program exposes students to the pre-academic skills which will assist your child to have a confident HEAD START to school. Confidence is developed by way of  an introduction to the sounds/letters and numbers concepts which will be taught at school.

Our program engages the students in FUN, colourful and motivating activities, games and learning resources.

We believe our School readiness program benefits your pre-schooler as it:

  • follows a research based and best practise learning program
  • introduces ‘school learning concepts’ through a hands-on, stimulating, multi-sensory curriculum – we make learning FUN
  • introduces a structured learning environment
  • provides an environment where students listen and follow instructions
  • introduces your child to a phonemic awareness program (the sounds and patterns of language
  • introduces a phonics program (letter sounds and letter recognition)
  • introduces number concepts
  • develops pre-writing skills
  • develops pre-reading skills
  • encourages fine motor development
  • encourages language development
  • prepares them for their first classroom experience in a fun learning environment
  • teaches using colourful and concrete hands-on learning activities/resources which motivate students and ensures SUCCESS
  • provides opportunity through play and craft

Children love learning at EDSpecially4U


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