Teach Rhyme with Nursery Rhymes

We have a great time exploring nursery rhymes in our ‘Little ED 4 School’ and ‘Learn 4 School’ programs.  Nursery rhymes are such an important learning experience.

A very important part of our learning program is the development of ‘Phonemic Awareness’.

PHONEMIC AWARENESS is essential for reading competence.  Phonemic Awareness is the reader’s ability to hear the sounds (phonemes) and manipulate them.  The ability to hear and use rhyme is an important ingredient in early reading development.
The ED Specially 4U ‘Little ED 4 School’ and ‘Learn 4 School’ programs have a strong emphasis on developing phonemic awareness skills in our early learners.  We love to use Nursery Rhymes to reinforce rhyme.
Our Nursery Rhyme resources are also available for purchase.  You can purchase your own copy here.