Ready 4 School- Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!

This is always our busiest term with many new students joining our classes in preparation for classes or starting school next year.

It is such an exciting term, and the lead up to Christmas is so busy that this term always rushes by too quickly.
Our School Readiness program gives our students exposure to the academic skills they will further develop at BIG school. As always we recommend that you spend some time reinforcing the skills that we have taught each week.  Please refer to any of our hand outs and information

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– ED Specially 4U sites

Don’t forget to discuss any other academic ideas with your teacher or refer to our website to see other games and resources to reinforce your child’s academic learning.
For our students who are heading to BIG school next year, I have compiled a list of other suggestions to develop your child’s social and emotional skills in preparation for the exciting times ahead.